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Improve Your eBay Auction Selling Technique
by: Jason James
There just is no doubt that auction selling is a great way to boost your income. The potential is certainly there for you to use Ebay auctions to save for retirement or even as your primary source of income. Like most things, however, there are some subtle techniques that can be used to transform an average Ebay auctioneer into a superstar that is courted by others to sell their wares as well.

Without question, the biggest challenge of auction selling is to get the people to come to your posting and make a bid. The traffic is definitely out there and people are scouring the Ebay business website every minute of the day looking for that next great deal. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind that will help you get the buyers to come to your postings time and time again.

Know Your Product

Any great salesperson is an absolute expert on the products or services that they are selling. They are never caught off guard by a question that they do not know the answer to and customers respect this. A solid auction selling reputation is built upon a sound knowledge of the products or services being sold. So before you post anything, do your homework!

Standard and Simple Sales Policy

People hate to feel stupid so don't have a confusing sales policy with awkward shipping requirements. You don't want someone to think something costs $20 and be surprised by an extra $8 in unnecessary shipping costs. Give the customer some options such as insurance and expedited shipping, but keep your standard shipping procedures as cheap as possible and easy to understand. Auction selling is a somewhat risky endeavor for buyers, so you may want to consider a refund policy to help build trust and confidence.

Customer Service Guru

If you want to be a serious player in the auction selling game, you are going to need repeat customers or at least a great reputation so that word of you and your great deals spreads throughout the Ebay business site. So, if you get a question via e-mail, immediately respond and try offering something a little extra like some history on the product or manufacturer(see, this is where knowing your product will really pay off!). Make people feel special and they cannot help but like you and they will come back time and time again.

Timing Critical to Ebay Auctions

Before you post any listing, do some research. Auction selling is far more profitable if you are not competing against 10 other people offering the same products or services. So, should you learn that the competition in your particular area is intense, wait a little while until they have sold their wares before listing yours. Just a few short days can add up to a lot more money so patience and doing your homework are rewarded on the Ebay business website.

Auction selling is really like any business in that you need to keep the customers coming in if you want to be successful and make any real money. The ideas listed above are certainly not earth shattering secrets nor will they guarantee your Ebay auctions to be a resounding success. But, if you don't take them to heart and apply them to your online auction business, then you will find it almost impossible to be the next great Ebay business success!

About the author:
Jason James is an eBay PowerSeller and his website "Auction Resource Network" reveals his inside secrets, tips, and sources that help him earn $10,000+ a month on eBay. Claim your FREE e-Course Here:

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