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Feeder Pages(A.K.A. Doorway or Gateway pages)... What They Are And WHY They're A Great Source Of FREE Traffic
by: Cory Threlfall
Look out because here comes another FREE traffic source for you to utilize within your online marketing mix.

Internet marketers(myself included) have been using this method of traffic generation for quite some time now with Great results and I'll explain WHY in a moment.

First off though, I think it's important that I explain what a "Feeder Page" is for those of you who are new to the term and the Internet marketing scene.

A "Feeder Page" is simply a single -- Keyword Targeted -- webpage that is designed to rank high in the Search Engines under the particular Keyword or Keyword Phrase that webpage is optimized for.

That's the definition in a nutshell.

Now, depending on the keywords or keyword phrases you use and how well they rank within the SE's, Traffic will slowly start to trickle in, that's why you want to have as many of these pages out there as possible.

The more pages, the more TRAFFIC you'll receive.

Remember, it's all about the numbers and as a quick example lets say you have 100 keyword optimized "Feeder Pages" out on the web and the Search Engine Spiders find them while crawling and decided to index them all.

And... lets say that each of those pages roughly sent you between 2 to 5 hits a day to your website.

That's 200-500 EXTRA hits a day to your website for FREE!

Which then works out to about 6,000 to 15,000 EXTRA hits to your site in a month.

Just imagine all the sales that would be generated from that kind of traffic flowing into your website, that is of course, if your salescopy is converting well.

The cool thing about all this is, they didn't cost you a SINGLE penny.

Now, that's just the basic breakdown of a "Feeder Pages" basic function and purpose.

There's more to building them then what I have explained in this article.

I just wanted to give you a guick overview into another POWERFUL method of FREE traffic generation that many Internet marketers use to send traffic to their websites via the Search Engines.

The best software I've encountered and personally use to generate several hundred themed "Feeder Pages" at a time is called Traffic Equalizer. You can find out more about this software and how it works at:

Now, you'll find that if you do a little research online about "Feeder Pages"(A.K.A. Doorway or Gateway pages) that some marketers say "They're No Good and They Don't Work Anymore".

You'll also hear some say by using "Feeder Pages", you are 'Spamming' the Search Engines and that the SE's are cracking down on this method of traffic generation and will de-index your website to NO existance.

YES. Some of this is true, indeed.

And... it has happened to me several times.

BUT... they keep coming back and re-indexing them all.

Those Bloody Spiders!!

The 'Key' to getting around this is simply to build your "Feeder Pages" with targeted content(like articles or reviews, etc.) related to your Product or Service and present them with the same Look and Navigation as the rest of your website.(ex. graphics,template,links,

Well... there you have it; "Feeder Pages(A.K.A. Doorway or Gateway pages)... What They Are And HOW They're A Great Source Of FREE Traffic".

I truly hope you understand what I just revealed and More Importantly, how You too can use this within your online marketing mix to BOOST your Traffic and Sales.

About the author:
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