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Paid Surveys : The Truth
by: chris price
About Paid Surveys

Get paid to take surveys! Get paid for your opinion! Earn
up to $250 an hour taking surveys from your home computer!

Advertisements like these are popping up all over the place.
Classifieds, forums, newspapers, magazines, everywhere. But
the thing everyone wants to know is, "Is this real?".

The truth is... yes and no. Yes, you can actually make
money taking surveys online. No, you are not going to make
$4,500 a month doing it.

But, you can actually make some extra money every month.
$100 to $300 a month from paid surveys is not very hard to
reach. The problem is there are so many websites posing as
"paid survey" companies that it's hard to find legitimate

In the following paragraphs I will give you step by step
instructions on how to get paid taking surveys online. In 3
simple steps you can easily be on your way to getting paid
for your opinion.

STEP 1: Finding a legitimate source for paid surveys

Finding a legitimate source of information is probably the
hardest part. There are several companies that pose as paid
surveys or market research companies that will only try to
sell you something or sell your email address to third parties.
There are also several paid survey directories that you can
join. These directories charge you up to $50 for information
that is available all over the internet for free. Never pay
for a paid surveys directory. Use the search engines to find
free directories. Or try a free directory like the one at

STEP 2: What Paid Survey Companies To Join

There are over 600 paid survey companies you can join.
Choosing the right ones are key to getting paid for taking
surveys. Some companies will send you one every few months
while others may send you invitations everyday. There are
about 20 paid survey sites you should join when first
starting. These companies send surveys regularly and by
joining them you can almost be sure to get at least 1 paid
survey a day. After signing up for these companies you can
come back later and sign up with other companies that send
less. But just with these 20 a hundred to a few hundred dollars
a month is not impossible. These companies are:
NFO My Survey, goZing Surveys, Global Test Market, Test Spin,
Survey Savvy, Survey Spot, American Consumer Opinion, E-Poll,
Poll Cast, ECN Research, Synovate Surveys, NPD Online Research,
Pinecone Research, Harris Poll, Lightspeed Research, Ipsos
Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Greenfield Online, Nielson/NetRatings,
Consumer Link.......

STEP 3: Check Your Email, Confirm Your Memberships

Some companies will send you emails asking you to confirm
your membership. Make sure you do this. Now all you have to
do is wait for paid survey invitations daily. Sometimes more.
None of the companies listed here will spam you or try to
get you to buy anything. They are all legitimate paid
survey companies. You will find that once you have taken a
few surveys you will start receiving more invitations.Once you
get the hang of it you can go back and find other companies
to join to increase your income.

About the author:
Chris Price is an expert on market research studies. He has participated in several paid surveys, focus groups, product tests, and mystery shops. Mr. Price is the owner of, a directory of over 500 paid survey companies with reviews of each one.

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