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What to Look for When Buying a Closet Organizer -
by: Steve Valentino
Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or spring cleaning, no cleaning spree would be complete without cleaning the closets. This time, don’t just rearrange the junk—find a permanent solution. Closet organizers provide a way to organize your possessions. When every item has a “home,” it is much easier to keep the closet clean.

You have a few choices when it is time to buy closet organizers. First, determine your budget and go from there.

Under $100: If you are working on a small budget, it would probably be best to buy closet organizers at the local home improvement store or department store. These closet organizer kits contain all shelving, components, and hardware needed for your closet. You will need to measure your closet to determine the right sized kit. Some assembly is generally required, but it is usually simple. In addition to the basic closet, you can buy any accessories you need: shoe racks or cubbies, shelves, drawers, tie racks, etc.

Low $100s - $1000s: If you are working on a mid-level budget, you might want to consider closet organizer systems. These modular units are pre-assembled and simply need to be installed. Some can be placed on the closet floor; some need to be wall-mounted. You also have many choices of accessories with this option.

Unlimited: If price is no object for you, custom closet organizers are also available. These can be ordered online, using a “design wizard,” or a local company can send a consultant to your home. While this option is the most expensive, it also offers the greatest level of creativity.

There are many brands available. One of the best known, Rubbermaid, offers a unique “custom-closet-in-a-box” system. This is a combination closet organizer kit/custom closet organizer. This Configurations kit contains shelving, hand rails, brackets, hanging rods, and all necessary hardware. There is no cutting involved as all rods and shelves are adjustable. The hanging rods range from 2 ft. to 8 ft., depending on how they are assembled. Accessories and extensions are also available to further customize the closet. Customers report that this product is easy to install. It can even be easily reconfigured if you change your mind. Customers were also impressed that there is no cutting involved. Configurations by Rubbermaid are available at some Wal-Mart and Home Depot stores and at the Rubbermaid website.

Another popular brand for closet organizers is Stanley. Though these closet organizers are a bit hard to locate, they are very popular with consumers. Many customers have said the Stanley organizers are better quality than what is available at local home improvement stores.

Within each type and brand of closet organizers, you will have choices in color, material, and style. You can design your closet to match your home, your taste, and your lifestyle. With a little bit of time and money, your closets can be permanently organized.

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