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Keeping Your Home Organized
by: Hana Lee
Now…as much of a challenge as it was to do all of that pitching, organizing, and cleaning, how do you maintain it and not let your stuff overwhelm you again?

There are some easy steps to take—and they just take moments a day. Please don’t email me and tell me you’re too busy to do this because of your special situation—everyone can find the time to take 15 minutes a day and maintain their home in stages. If you can’t, then I’m going to brashly suggest that you re-evaluate your schedule and determine what IS more important than maintaining your home for your family.

Maintaining the Kitchen

Daily, put dirty dishes in your dishwasher or dishpan under the sink. When either is full, do the dishes. If you run your dishwasher while you’re asleep at night, you’ll pay lower utility rates and the dishes will be cool and clean in the morning—ready to be put away.

Run a rag with the cleaner of your choice over the countertops and tabletop once a day. This will take you just moments, yet will help keep your kitchen organized and neat. You don’t have to scrub or take everything off the counters, just wipe where you’ve cooked or eaten.

Clean your sink daily. Scrub it with a soap pad or use some window cleaner and a rag—if your sink is clean, you’re less likely to let dirty dishes pile up in it.

Sweep your floors once a week. Just take a broom across it and get the big crumbs. Then run a damp mop over it to get the week’s dirt washed off—you don’t have to shine it, just a damp mop (the type is your choice).

Maintaining the Living Room Areas

Pick up the papers that land on your Flat Surfaces and either throw them away or file them appropriately in the study every evening. If you are diligent about keeping the papers picked up, your room will appear much more organized and clean, even if you haven’t done any deep cleaning.

Dust once a week—run your duster over the flat surfaces. It’s a 5 minute job that will make a large dent in your room(s).

Vacuum once a week. Don’t move furniture or pull out the crevice tools, just do the middles where you walk. 15 minutes, max.

Take your glass cleaner and go over the TV screen and any other glass that collects fingerprints once a week. 3 minutes, tops.

Just doing quick and easy tasks gives you the push to get started. That’s the key when it comes to staying organized. Once you get going, things get done!

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