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Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction -
by: Damian Sofsian
There is help available for people addicted to prescription drugs. There are countless inpatient and outpatient programs around the world that are specifically created to help people kick their drug addictions. These programs usually include detox centers, psychologists, and often include safe alternative substances to help curb withdrawal symptoms. The level of treatment needed depends on the length and severity of the addiction. It is important that people realize that some type of treatment or rehabilitation is always a good idea. It can be dangerous for an addict to try to quit taking drugs without any medical advice or intervention.

Inpatient treatment centers are the best option for people with severe addiction problems. These centers require that the patient live in the facility for a specified length of time while receiving treatment. Inpatient treatment centers can be extremely expensive, but they are sometimes covered by health insurance policies. The prescription drug addiction treatment provided by these facilities has several phases.

Outpatient prescription drug addiction centers are a great option for other people. If someone cannot afford to live in an inpatient facility, or if the problem is not so severe, outpatient treatment is a great alternative.

There are several components to a prescription drug addiction treatment. First is a period of detoxification, which is when the drug is slowly cleared out of the addict?s body. This can be the most difficult part of the treatment. Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that medical intervention is needed. At the very least, detox is time consuming and uncomfortable.

Another aspect of prescription drug addiction treatment is psychological counseling. This helps the recovering addict cope with a drug free lifestyle, and deal with any symptoms of withdrawal. Availability of emergency counseling is vital for keeping addicts from relapsing. Counseling helps the patient see how much better life is without the complications of a drug addiction. Counselors also help the patient figure out how to avoid situations that could lead to a relapse.

Many prescription drug addiction treatment programs give replacement drugs to patients who need them. Some of the most common drugs of this type are methadone, buprenorphine, and naloxone. These are safe alternatives to opioids; they can help curb withdrawal symptoms while helping the addict detoxify. Drug alternatives are usually only available for opioids and not for CNS depressants or stimulants.

It is vital that anyone who is addicted to prescription drugs gets treatment. Prescription drug addiction treatment helps the addicts to safely deal with their drug problems in a supervised and secure environment.

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