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Medical Billing Companies: An Overview -
by: Damian Sofsian
Every healthcare provider, including dentists, surgeons, doctors, or chiropractors, is entitled to receive money for their services. Medical billing companies are setup to make it easier for them to wade through the murky waters or regulation and insurance company code to ensure proper and timely reimbursement.

Employees trained by medical billing companies are trained to understand health insurance and the healthcare industry in all its complexity. Their individual responsibilities are then to bill patients and insurance companies based on the proper codes according to their superbill (treatment record). Then, they have to follow up on claims and answer any questions regarding billing. In addition, medical billers must submit reports and help their clients to understand the positive and negative aspects of their cash flow.

There are many large medical billing companies to choose from and they all offer a range of services. Any full-service medical billing company should be able to offer the following:

? Expedite the claim/reimbursement process using advanced software and expertise
? Follow up on unpaid bills with both patients and insurance companies
? Provide accurate and timely feedback on their client?s practice in the form of reports
? Stay up to date on all new regulations

Good medical billing companies help clients to increase their revenue by getting claims reimbursed quickly and accurately.

Besides the many large medical billing companies, there are also many small one or two-person businesses that operate from homes across the nation. These small-business medical billing operations have the advantage of more personal attention to their client?s needs. Anyone with sufficient training and expertise can run an effective home-based medical billing company if they dedicate themselves.

When looking for medical billing companies, it is important to shop around. Larger companies may let you have a trial period so you can see if you like the way they handle your billing issues. Whether you decide to try a small or a large medical billing company, be sure to ask for references and address any concerns you have upfront so you can make sure the arrangement is positive on both ends.

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