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Using Spy Tools to Detect Infidelity
by: Shawn Davis

Spy tools have many uses, many of them exciting, and quite a few of them mundane. But one of the widest uses of spy tools is to detect infidelity in a partner. The reason these are so widespread in investigations into infidelity is because such tools are meant to be used covertly to discover things that people want to keep hidden. And infidelity is one of those things that is meant to be hidden. The great thing about the availability of technology today is that there is no reason to hire a private investigator anymore because you can complete the surveillance yourself with your own spy tools.

One of the more effective spy tools is a GPS tracker. A tracking device will help you keep tabs on where your partner goes. A tracker can be put in a car, so that you can know where it is driven, or even slipped into a purse. Many cell phones now come with GPS tracking devices, so you can use that to track a loved one under suspicion. Most trackers also allow you see not only where the person is at the time, but also where the person has been.

Of course, tracking spy tools do not always provide enough hard evidence. What is needed in such cases is a phone tap or a bug. The less expensive listening devices can allow you to easily hook into a line, or even listen from a distance away. Those that hook into a line can allow you to listen to both ends of the conversation. If you are looking for something a little higher-end, spy phones that work like cell phones can help you hear everything that is going on in the vicinity of phone, even if it is not in use by your subject.

Finally, for hard proof that you have a cheating partner, it is possible to use a kit that allows you to detect bodily fluids on underwear. These spy tools can help you compare the results to your own fluids, and determine whether or not the two match.

You can either substantiate your trust in your partner, or catch him or her red-handed, when you make good use of spy tools.

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