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Keeping Tabs on Your Teen with GPS Tracking
by: Shawn Davis

GPS tracking is one of the greatest marvels of our modern technology. GPS stands for “Global Positioning System,” and this is exactly what GPS tracking allows one to do: find the position of just about anything on earth. GPS makes use of satellite tracking by following a specific device. As long as you have access to that device’s frequency, you can find it anywhere on earth. It works 24/7/365 in any type of weather.

The beauty of GPS tracking is that the tracking device can be very small. It can be worn on the body, but the most popular uses of GPS devices involve their presence in cars or cell phones. These are two objects that every teen just cannot seem to live without, so if you are looking to keep tabs on your teenager, it is possible to do just that with GPS tracking.

In a vehicle, the GPS tracking device can be a real help. Not only can you locate the car no matter where it is parked (and even if it is en route to someplace), but you can also determine how fast it is going, as there are trackers that give general speed and direction. It is the ultimate enforcer of responsible driving behaviors when away from home.

The cell phone as a GPS tracking device is also a technological marvel. Is your teen supposed to be studying at a certain address? You can turn on the tracker and see whether or not he or she is, in fact, where he or she should be. The cell phone serves dual purposes: you can contact your teenager, and if it is outfitted with GPS tracking, you know where she or he is. The cell phone may be the ultimate device in keeping track of your teen.

With GPS tracking, you can be assured that your teenager is safe and where he or she should be. You can be immediately alerted to what you think may be a compromising situation, and if you need to find him or her in an emergency you can drive directly to his or her location, without driving around half the night trying to figure out where she or he might be.

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This article was posted on September 27, 2005


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