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Cars with Built-in Vehicle Tracking
by: Shawn Davis

Vehicle tracking is widely known now as something that can be bought and then placed inside the car. These vehicle tracking devices make use of a global positioning system (GPS) that can find the location of the device anywhere on the planet. Because these devices make use of satellites, they work anywhere in the world, and can be accessed from any computer if one has the right software and knows the proper codes.

With vehicle tracking devices like Lo/Jack (used by law enforcement) many people protect their cars from theft. But until the advent of the OnStar service, these devices had to be purchased and then put into the car. But now many GM-made vehicles come standard with OnStar built right in, and there is more to this service than just vehicle tracking.

OnStar makes use of vehicle tracking as a sort of safety measure. You have to pay a monthly service, however (many of the dealers that sell cars with this service offer a year free). You can call OnStar on your cell and they can perform a number of services, including unlocking your doors if you lock your keys in. This might actually worry some people, as it is uncomfortable to know that someone can just unlock your car door like that.

But, the main safety advantage is that if you are in an accident and cannot use your phone, the OnStar people can use the vehicle tracking to locate your car and send emergency crews. This can offer peace of mind. But it does not completely erase the privacy questions raised by a service that has almost total access to your car. Some people are not comfortable with this arrangement. Besides, if you sell the car, there goes your device. When you own the device separately, all you need to do is transfer it to the new car.

Luckily, if you want to be able to have vehicle tracking without the creepy privacy violations, it is possible to buy vehicle trackers separately from a variety of reputable online dealers. This can give you true peace of mind, knowing that your car is as protected as you can make it with your very own vehicle tracking.

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