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eBay Drop Shipping is the Future
by: Jason James
We all pretty much know that Ebay is this Internet phenomenon that is making billions of dollars by hosting online auctions. Basically, people post things they want to sell and buyers browse the site for the things they want to purchase. Eventually, buyers and sellers meet up and the bidding process begins. But, the Ebay business website is also a place where drop shippers come to unload their wares as well.

Drop Shipping Basics

The term has started to catch on in the mainstream but there are still a lot of people out there that don't know exactly what drop shipping actually is. Basically, drop shipping is sales. Let's say that company A sells product X. Now company A does not sell directly to the public but you can buy their products at stores around the country.

But stores, like the Ebay business machine, operate to make a profit. Therefore, they must charge more than they paid for the product in order to make their profit. So, they either buy the product X directly from the manufacturer or from a distributor at wholesale price and then turn around and sell the product at retail price. The difference between those two prices is their profit.

In drop shipping, you become the retailer. The interesting thing about drop shipping is you do not need a store or even an inventory to sell your products. With the help of the Ebay business machine, you actually don't even need a website either.

Drop Shipping Mechanics

So how exactly does drop shipping work? First of all, you find a wholesaler that is selling products you are interested in reselling to the public. After setting up an account with them, they send you product descriptions of all their products or at least those you are interested in selling. If you do not have a website, you can post these product descriptions on the Ebay business website.

When a customer decides to buy one of your great products, they place an order and send their payment (including shipping costs) to you via credit card. You pass this order along to the wholesaler along with your payment.

The great thing about being a drop shipper is that this is where your involvement ends! The wholesaler then processes the order and then ships the product directly to your customer-but with your company name on the packaging! The customer never knows that they are actually receiving the product from a wholesaler and you are pocketing the difference between the wholesale and retail price! Could it possibly be any simpler?

By using Ebay to advertise your products and benefiting from their incredible traffic flow, you are really reaping the whirlwind at almost no cost and with very little effort. And since retail price is roughly double that of wholesale, just imagine the profits you can make drop shipping! No store to maintain, no inventory to worry about, and no large investment of money-this, friends, is the miracle of drop shipping and why it is definitely the future! There are literally thousands of companies looking for people to sell their products so there are opportunities everywhere right now! By using Ebay, you could literally be selling products within a day and making huge profits so don't delay-start your drop shipping business today!

About the author:
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