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Accepting credit cards-Explained
by: chris dorning
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Accepting credit cards-Explained

Firstly let me point out that it is very difficult, to compete in a highly competitive market without being able to accept credit cards as payment from your customers. Most people who buy online use their credit cards to pay. To accept credit cards you need to be accredit merchant.
There is a big misconception that becoming a ???merchant??? is a lengthy and expensive process that takes months to complete. This is not the case anymore, there are now many agencies on th enet who are more than happy to give you ???merchant??? status.

What follows is step-by-step guide to finding and setting up your merchant account.
Firstly, deciding which company you want to use. You obviously want an agency which is reputable, has been around for a few years at least, and one which offers monthly direct payment straight into your bank account.
These, may sound like obvious requirements but believe it or not most credit agencies still pay their customers through cheques. Now I don???t know about you but if I have a really good month, I definitely do not want all my money being sent insecurely through he very questionable postal service. Not to mention the fact that you will wait at least 1 week to receive your money.

After I became I credit merchant my business went up 27% in one week and has remained fairly stable since that time.

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