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What's the difference between vbuzzer and instant messenger
by: John
A new communication tool called vbuzzer is very hot recently. Most people already found it's a useful tool. But there are still a lot of people can not find the difference between vbuzzer and instant messenger after their first look of the software.

Basically, vbuzzer can call to PSTN but instant messenger can not.

This is a very important feature that vbuzzer has. If you got the instant messenger and your buddy is offline, what can you do? Some of them offer you a way to send cell phone text message to them but it's still not enough if it's urgent or, you just want to chat, now.

With vbuzzer, you can call your buddy directly with a very low rate; the quality is like a phone. Even more, you can get a PSTN number, so when your buddy is not online, he can still call you!

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