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LG Cell Phones - Made To Last
by: Martin Smith

LG has been producing top of the line products for quite a while now and their cell phones are no exception. LG cell phones are high on style and features. You owe it to yourself to check out LG cell phones.

Color displays are nice but remember that they drain your phone’s battery rather quickly. The lightweight LG VX4400 cell phone comes with an external LCD with a choice of 7 backlight colors to make your phone more personal. The compact and lightweight clamshell LG VX3160 cell phone is another offering from LG that will get the job done with style.

A Good Deal to Get the Ring Tones Ringing

Whatever phone you choose, either an LG phone or some other brand, a good cell phone plan is essential. You can get online and type “cell phone plan comparisons” into your search engine and you will get several links to comparison charts of different cell phone carriers. The comparison will show you the costs of phones and different levels of service from each carrier. You can also search by phones - for instance type in “LG cell phone” and you will find phones from different vendors or cell carriers that provide the phone you want. Verizon, Sprint and Cingular provide LG phones to their customers. Verizon offers an LG phone free with the purchase of a specific cellular plan. A variety of ring tones to choose from, seems to be an option desired by many cellular consumers.

There are so many companies today vying for your cell phone business that most offer a variety of special deals on phones, plans and accessories such as hand free car kits (which are required by law in some states, N.Y. being one). You can also get long life batteries, desktop battery chargers, colorful face plates, crystal keypads, cradle style holders, USB data cable kits, car chargers and antenna boosters. Depending on the plan you choose, some of these accessories are free or discounted when you purchase particular cell phone calling plans.

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This article was posted on September 15, 2005


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