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How To Get Your Contact Details Across: When The Organisers Won’t Let You
by: Sean D'Souza
Have you ever spoken at an event and they won’t allow you to give your details? Have you gone on the radio and they forget to announce where you can be contacted?

If your contact details are left out or if you’re prevented from giving information, you’ll need to play the game a little smarter.

Understand that most reporters/radio announcers/organisers are quite accomodating. They understand that you’re giving your valuable time in exchange for the publicity. But often enough you’ll run into someone who’s power drunk or whose organisation just won’t budge.

And here’s what I’ve done. And you can do too.

Refer to your product or service many times in the speech. Give an example and say how that particular example coincides with the example on Page 34 or Page 65. Or in the third CD of your 20 CD Workshop. Or the FREE Report you gave at the last event. As long as you’re making perfect sense, you will not be stopped or reprimanded. Your speech will meet the host’s guidelines, yet all the time you’re leaking out information.

By the end of the speech, you should have created enough leaks for the audience to be extremely curious. They’ll want to know about Page 34. They’ll want to know about the FREE Headline Report you gave at the last event.

As your fame grows, you may not need to do any of the above. If the organisation doesn’t allow you to give your contact details you can refuse to do the interview/speech. However when you’re starting out, you may crave the additional publicity and that’s okay.

Be sure of one thing. Don’t let your speech be random. Create leaks and watch how the audience swarms around you after the event!

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