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Injury Compensation Claims
by: John Eastwood

Accidents do happen, but if you feel you had a slip trip or fall that was due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to claim compensation. Personal injuries because of slipping, tripping and falling are a fact of life, but sometimes they are the result of carelessness on the part of individuals or municipal councils who are liable to pay compensation for it.

Though most public areas in the U.K. conform to the highest safety standards, occasionally a poorly maintained road, pavement, car park or shopping area can become the cause for personal injury. One could trip on a warped or pitted road, pavement, walkway or car park. One could also slip on dangerously polished floors, fall down poorly constructed or maintained stairs or trip over worn floor coverings or obstructions.

In the case of slips and trips in public areas like roads, walkways and pavements, the local authorities responsible for their upkeep can be held liable if negligence is established. The authorities are expected to carry out frequent inspection and maintenance, especially in areas of high foot traffic. Shops and occupiers of other similar public places are duty-bound to keep the premises safe for their customers. They are required to have staff locating and removing items customers might have spilled or dropped on the floor in order to prevent injury to other visitors.

If you should sustain injuries after taking a fall or slipping in another person’s home, you are entitled to compensation if it was the result of the occupier or proprietor’s negligence. It is the occupier’s responsibility to keep the house safe by picking dropped objects like toys off the floor and wiping off spilt liquids so that no one is hurt. Slips, trips and falls are also common in the workplace and liability in such cases rests with the employer.

When a slip trip fall claim is filed, the law takes into consideration whether the owner/caretaker of the premises where the accident occurred takes “reasonable” care of the property. Reasonableness here relates to a regular inspection and maintenance regime. The claimant will also be questioned about whether he/she was distracted at the time of the accident or was careless in any way that might have led to the slip, trip or fall. One is expected to watch where he/she is going. If there were warnings of hazards that went unheeded or if the claimant was careless, the claim will fail.

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