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Dealing With Dog Bite Cases
by: Mart Gil Abareta
Most of us are being frightened by dog bites. Considering the effects of these instances especially when the dog carries those sicknesses which are not curable and can even cause death, itís really a big scare to many people. Every year, dog bite cases continue to get higher and higher. Children are the most prone to such cases; they are the usual victims of dog bites. Expect for lots of dog bite lawsuits to come out in the future. After all, the compensation for such injury is fairly high too.

Following a dog bite incident, here are the things that you must do. First, get proper medical treatment so that your bite will not get infected. You can either do this by yourself or in the hospital. Then, you have to identify the attacker. If you cannot find the dog or if you suspect that the dog is at large, you will be advised by your physician to get rabies shots for the victim because after all, only a little percent of a dog bite victim survives rabies infection. When the symptoms start to show, it will be hard to stop the spread of the disease.

From the medical treatment, you can now take legal actions against the owner of the dog. Getting the right dog bite lawyer for your claim is a big advantage. You just need to gather and present the necessary evidences and documentations during court proceedings. These lawyers specialize in getting settlements for those people who have been injured by animal attacks. Given the extent of the problem, itís common for dog bite victims to go to court and fight back against the animal owners.

However, the big problem that the world faces now about these dog bite cases is the fact that the number of stray and wild dogs have increased tremendously through the years. Despite all the efforts to catch these dogs in many countries, itís really hard to catch them all. The fact that most of the pet owners decline to have their dogs spayed for fear of weakening them makes it more complicated. In reality, however, itís really hard for a plaintiff to prove abuse or negligence in case of dig bite injury.

At this point, itís quite appropriate to thank the current approach of the media regarding dog bite cases. At present, many judges and lawyers take these cases more seriously because they realize the intolerable effects that they can cause its victims. In general, we can certainly live in a more humane world if weíll all make sure that animal owners will be held liable for their petís actions.

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