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Custom Mini Blinds -
by: Jimmy Sturo
In the mini blind market, you have three types of options: You can buy what is ready-made and is widely available in retail stores; buy ready-made but cut to fit blinds; and one-inch slat mini blinds that can fit one-eighth of an inch near your required specifications.

In the first option, you get the general size of your window and find the blind that closely fits it. These blinds are massed produced and inexpensive. As for the cut-to-fit blind, you can find these blinds in home improvement stores. Some stores will cut the blinds for you at there location.

The custom-made mini blinds come with a lifetime warranty and are made with superior components. The custom mini blind is where you will find all the range of colors and most manufactures make them. Although the cost is higher, they are the best option if you choose mini blinds to put in your home.

You can also choose from two styles of lifting systems to raise your wood window coverings -- standard lift and tilt features -- and optional cordless systems that combine shade control while enhancing safety for children by eliminating dangling cords.

You can also select the route-less option that conceals the route holes through which the control cords run; or cloth tapes that not only cover route holes but can also add the finishing touch to your wood window's decor. This will reduce glare and maximize light control.

If you like the look of a wood, consider a sheer horizontal or sheer vertical blind. For a refined, warm look, horizontal wood blinds are a handsome solution for any room. Available in either wood stains or paints, the 2-inch wood blinds can accentuate or blend to any style. They are great insulators, light blockers, and are one of the more low maintenance window coverings.

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