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Mail-Order College Degrees. Worth the risk?
by: Mark Rigney
I'm sure by now you've seen advertisements all across the net for "fake college degrees," or even "loophopes exploited; get your degree immediately."

Clearly, these companies are all advertising mail-order diplomas. Some are higher quality than others, but it all boils down to the same thing: a means for those who didn't complete school to show an employer or a prospective employer a sheepskin (or should it be a 'snakeskin' in this case?).

Quality varies, from cheaply photocopied rags to extraordinarily well-produced document sets with seals, and in some cases transcripts and even phone numbers for the 'registrar' to verify attendance. Caveat emptor.

If you're inclined to take this route, be certain you're aware of the risks as well as the benefits. the obvious benefit is that you may well gain enhanced prestige, pay, or promotions by virtue of your newly acquired Bachelor's or Master's degree. On the other hand, the significant risk is that of losing not only your credibility but your job and prized benefits if you're caught. You may well find yourself blacklisted within your industry, if your transgression is severe enough.

We won't discuss the moral implications here. I believe everyone should be accountable to their own conscience in matters like this. Your mom doesn't live with you any more. You might find it worth the risk, in order to move closer to your desired goal or lifestyle - others may well not.

About the author:
Mark Rigney has been an entrepeneur for over two decades. His experience with hiring and with the education system led him to investigate the college diploma industry. Learn more about fake college degrees at

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